Business and marketing strategies built on intelligence

We deliver the information you need to confidently make decisions that grow your business

Big data and large research projects are not what we’re about. We help you ask the right questions, then use the right data and intelligence to answer them.

Whether you have too much data or no market intelligence at all, we can help you derive the insight you need to execute your strategy with conviction.

Startups & investors

If you run a start up or invest in them you will be only too aware of the risks. 3 in 4 startups fail. Most fail because the business becomes product focused and the market opportunity isn’t validated.

Growing businesses build a commercial and product strategy by exploring the market opportunity, and analysing competitors and alternatives.

This doesn't hinder the fast pace of a startup as output is clear and actionable. You will be confident in creating strategies based on knowledge rather than assumption, turning your startup into a growth business.

Market due diligence

Product validation

Market positioning strategy

Building a commercial strategy

Executing a marketing strategy

Marketers & agencies

The digital marketing mix can always be improved, and the optimum use of digital media is different for every brand and every target customer.

When attitudes and behaviours are constantly evolving, we help brands use consumer and market insight to plan and measure digital activity. Using over 15 years of award winning digital experience we bring you face to face with your consumers.

Use insight to shape market communications strategy

Generate consumer insight for better media and brand planning

Test ads using innovative and cost effective methodologies

Business development & sales teams

After working in digital media sales for 15 years, we know how important it is to get a foot in the door and cut through the noise of intense competition.

Sharing relevant data and insight is a way to give your clients something useful whilst giving you an opportunity to engage with them.

We can help create compelling presentations and content for sales marketing strategies that will open doors and validate your sales messaging.

Use insight in pitches and proposals

Identify which insight tells your story

Make insight visual and interesting

Generate insight for content marketing and PR

Measurement and analytics supporting commercial strategy

Digital brands & publishers

Existing audience measures don’t always answer the questions you have about your specific users. Digital brands create a lot of data, which tell us what users have done, but don’t tell us what they would like to do.

We can help you get to know your users better by helping you make effective use of existing sources, or generate new insight. We use data and intelligence to create content strategies, usability, or commercial and product plans.

Current audience and user profiling

User experience testing

Target audience and user profiling