About Connect Insight

Connect Insight was founded on the belief that investment in insight and intelligence will help generate revenue.

As an analyst and strategist I have always worked within commercial teams, which gives me a very unique approach as to how insight and data should be used within businesses.

I have lead research, marketing and strategy teams within digital media for a number of years, and been responsible for award winning insight that helped grow the digital marketing industry.

I now enjoy offering flexible and strategic support to growing businesses. I want to raise the profile of strategy and data planning within businesses, and prove the efficiencies to decision making that good insight can deliver. This is very true for digital media and emerging markets where budgets are often smaller yet the need for information is greater.

As a digital specialist, recommendations and insight are grounded in over 15 years of experience and knowledge. My clients have included Jaguar, Debenhams and American Express, as well as a number of creative and branding agencies, publishers/media businesses and social media consultancies. I'm also currently working at board level with innovative digital start-ups and their investors.

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